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Website Design

I will work with you to design a professional, custom website to promote your business and get you ranked in the top of the search engines. Increasing your presence on the Web will increase your business and improve your professional image. Let's get started today on a great looking website that reflects your business that will give your customers an easy and informative platform to get to you know you better. I can even help create a logo for your website.

What to expect:
  • Attractive, branded, responsive layout
  • SEO targeted keywords
  • User friendly forms
  • Easy navigation
  • Fast turn around and friendly service

I am proficient with: HTML(5) | CSS(3) | PHP | MySQL | Adobe Web Suite

Website Development

Static websites are still useful, but dynamic, interactive sites are much more appealing. I can use your choice of Wordpress, Joomla!, or write the code from scratch to develop a secure website to suit your needs. Using PHP, MySQL, jQuery, and Javascript I will create a dynamic, user-friendly, responsive site to promote your business.

What to expect:
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Useful, functional code
  • Up-to-date best practices
  • Support documentation
  • Understandable explanations
  • Fast turn around and friendly service

Graphic Design

A colorful dynamic layout, an interesting, memorable, logo, an appealing color scheme that matches your brand, and branding your website for a better customer experience and product recognition is only part of what my services include.

Website Redesign

Do you already have a website? Was it created sometime ago and now it needs to be updated? Maybe it no longer reflects your business accurately today. I can re-design your current website to your specifications. I can make sure your old website shows up in the search engines. If you are not sure, contact me for a free quote. I would be happy to help.

Website Maintenance

Does your website need to be updated weekly? Monthly? I can maintain and update your current website to keep it from growing stagnant. I can utilize Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics to ensure you have the right data on your website, increase your traffice, and your revenue. You have important things to do. Allow me to take care of these essential things and help keep your website up to date and running smoothly.

What to expect:
  • Keep your apps up-to-date
  • Keyword reports to enhance your SEO
  • Minor graphical enhancements when necessary
  • Minor alteration of page layout to help with SEO
  • As your business grows, so will your website
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