A Full Deck of draggable Cards

  • C-4
  • S-13
  • S-3
  • D-11
  • D-2
  • C-5
  • H-11
  • C-12
  • S-5
  • C-13
  • H-4
  • S-1
  • S-2
  • D-6
  • S-12
  • C-10
  • S-6
  • H-13
  • D-1
  • C-7
  • C-9
  • H-7
  • C-11
  • H-5
  • D-7
  • S-4
  • D-12
  • C-6
  • D-9
  • S-9
  • H-9
  • H-2
  • D-5
  • D-4
  • H-3
  • H-6
  • S-11
  • H-8
  • H-1
  • H-12
  • D-3
  • S-8
  • D-8
  • H-10
  • S-10
  • C-2
  • C-3
  • S-7
  • D-13
  • C-8
  • D-10
  • C-1

Rules of Engagment

War is a card game involving two players. The deck is divided evenly among the two players, giving each a down stack. In unison, each player reveals the top card on his deck (a "battle"), and the player with the higher card takes both the cards played and moves them to the bottom of their stack. If the two cards played are of equal value, each player lays down three face-down cards and picks one of the cards out of the three (a "war"), and the higher-valued card wins all of the cards on the table, which are then added to the bottom of the player's stack. If one of the players has no more cards in a battle that player wins that battle. In the case of another tie, the war process is repeated until there is no tie.

A player wins by collecting all the cards. If a player runs out of cards while dealing the face-down cards of a war, they may play the last card in his deck as their face-up card and still have a chance to stay in the game.

The Game of War

Total Games: 288 Total Rounds: 59309 Avg. Rounds:203.59
Longest game: 0.943639s Shortest game: 0.006634s Avg. game: 0.367342s
Player 1 wins: 118 Player 2 wins: 142 Tie games: 26

Game Outcome